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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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is in his 15th season as nfl coach the second as they were later for the bengals he led the raiders to an aids patient record . he is 50 years old and sell various coaching positions with the redskins falcons and bengals shortly after hiring hue jacksonl jimmy haslam released a statement that reads in part --my expected to address the media at 6:30 p.m. the browns have hired former cincinnati bengals
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jacksonbe . he was the last candidate a interviewed sunday on the interviewinterview ed him the first time . with a second interview and then he was scheduled to fly to talk to the giants but the browns made a deal before he went to new york now he that he is the head coach of the browns . the respect news conference at 6:30 p.m. and bring you that. >> investigated by investigating why a family we did for ems.
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over the delay as ed gallek joins us. >> the i-team has tapes with sharp words from emergency workers and a mother wants but only to call you guys to find out what's taken so long for the ems to see my child. >> stuff because we forgot about you you it is because we had the a. o >> playford amulets for this girl having seizures so long that the family lost patience and any ems or visor anger we heard chatter in the background the city has sent firefighters as medical first responders. >> they're coming from a distance, i understand, you're
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feel like it pelikan is ridiculous, not knowing what could've happened to my daughter .ed >> should not like getting caught in the middle last week i called for 9-year-old on the eastside, city hall says forget it and him amulets to that home thinking 31 minutes. >> this is not fair. >> the city has to try to keep 18 ambulancey on the streets with when a call comes in they are expected to come to those get help to those most in need first .ed >> said his goal is to get an ambulance to top protocols in nine minutes but this did not fit into the category of a priority one..ut >> i don't know what the mayor plansma to do but they need to have a better plan in place.ey
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longer than the claim of 31 minutes the department of public safety investigating on what was said and what kinds of calls where they in fact handling. >> sounds like the party, is that part of the deal's claim that changes come even over the course of a call, whatan was not could become one if the patient's condition worsens. eighteen students in a school bus driver taken to the hospital after a three bus crash in streetsboro column, and place the photos it occurred on page road they say everybody expected to be okay i'm not sure what caused it. >> this in explosion that killed a family of four was intentionally set the nose
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ruling it are some. >> on monday night, neighbors summoned firefighters to the northfield center home of jim and cindy mather . the minutes they arrived to find the fire raging. >> the top of the the house was engulfed in flames. >> inside investigators found the bodies of the couple along with our two daughters spent the day tuesday looking for clues as to how they died in what caused the explosion,r the fire apparently started in the first floor hallway on wednesday the state fire marshall rules in the martian, for those who witnessed , the news comes as no real surprise. >> not by the intensity of that fire that night we arrived away
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explosion . >> it had to be five minutes before i came outside and the nd whole house, the roof was burning at the tope it was keeping and already. >> investigators are not yet saying who they believe set ablaze or what caused the deaths of more family members they are described as a wonderfulth couple both active in the church that they helped to found,he their deaths are investigated as a criminal act. >> it was just something fishy all along but she went for the people to do their investigationhe which in this case the state fire marshall. >> the summit county medical examiner has yet to rule on cause of deathl investigation is far from over. >> a six-year-old north ridgeville boy in good condition and his family asking for prayersis he suffered injuries in
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explains how they are rallying around him and which you can do to keep your children safe. >> it was 5:00 p.m. tuesday police say that he would've sledding was sliding down this hill when the car driven by chris nagel hit him, drew hayden taken to the hospital and. >> neighbor search only that ch this is a popular place for kids from the neighborhood to go sleddingng in the winter. >> we have gone down the the same hell, the kids and we have four years is very tragic. >> rainbow babies and children's hospital says its reminder to be aware of the dangers.ts >> we see kids every year who come in with sledding accidents. >> recommending make sure that activities are safe,
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proper garments and hazard free environment. >> i think as parents we don't want them to have any injury that would stop them from enjoyingng for. >> as a parent, it makes you worry. >> it is fun, every time that we do it,f there is a risk involved. >> here and i'll rally behind the family, the go-fund-me page raising more than $4,000 in just a few hours.. >> tracking this and we will be be there no matter what the family's. >> outright fox 8 news'. >> neighbors are prepared meals for the family,s please say that this is under
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at fox >> elect social software not have happened, i won't describe a number of suspects in a composite drawingg made, since then please say there's no evidence to support a case of sexual assault, medina police want to thank the public for assisting. ce >> bonsall bond set at $5 million when accused of killing a asa kitten police k-9, karl lagerfeld was released from hospital and now in jail charged with burglary, assaulting,la police dog and assault, ken officer jethro will be laid to rest tomorrow, governor john kasich ordered all flags in stark countyy lowered to half
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>> it was a rough start for people in the snowbelt waking up to over half a foot of snow falls. >> where are you and how does it work?e >> we are it will be . is just off of euclid avenue nc in a
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issue of the store but you snowbelt you have to find some fun with when you can get it, no school needs tosca hit that he'll. >> getting there is hard, schools closed because of the large amount of snowfall want to mainstreets were the mainstreets were passable by rush-hour butut sidestreets took a lot longer. >> grace street never gets plowed it is awful .. >> snow plow crews got the upper hand and most of the main roads were down to>> the paper by midmorning, to get to that that point they move a lot of snow off the road and into a few
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>> and how much you move out, they'll move it back. >> because they detonate because it allyn street allyn street with a big truck and theyey look as far end of march driveway in winter you got to do the same thing to get it cleaned up mrs. cleveland cop this is what you gotmr come to have enough
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fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. .. the only warning show that starts at 4:00 a.m.. >> system paul dunne for now, or
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just a few hours anybody could be a billionaire. >> jackpot currently has one . $5 billion, the arms are slammed to win that that but does not
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tickets as we join that's lucky's beverage and deli in,. >> people are purchasing their tickets tonight to talk to is in disbelief that it is up to one . $5 billion .up if you do when you there are a few things to loan. >> if you do not think that it could be any bigger, guess again ,ot it is now up to one . $5 billion in. >> lisa malissa williams is that lucky's beverage and deli in parma buying a couple of powerball tickets a has been claimed for years years and never won anything
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of winning are one out of 292 million if you do, there are a few things to buildnn take the time a one-time website not 930 million or board to the annual payout are well to remain anonymous here in ohio if he went. >> you can remain anonymous but she would have to claim your prize in a blind trust. >> a spokesman for the lottery said she would since you would need an attorney. >> recommend that if you do win, you think about that and then put the ticket somewhere safe . talk to an attorney or a tax accountant because that's a se large sum of money and you want to make sure that you know exactly what you're going to do with >> everybody should be aware of lottery scams, the better business bureau says people have
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and letters that said they want when they did not elaborate says they will not contact somebody you have to contact them. the trying is drive is tonight at 11:00 p.m. with results that
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do a three hour time lapse from the crib-camdo with handsome sunshine in clouds overall coal . more than 1 foot of snow in montville, and just want to show you some areas outside of the snowbelt you could more than 6
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default is single digits at this point,l forty-seven kansas city and st. louis . it is 26 omaha and we will have some of that warmth with temperatures above normal at the end of the week .
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county, in wayne county, so snowfall some snowfall also in wayne county . but are,, it has gone quickly it is around tonight and gone tomorrow . taking a look tonight it'll be climb into the 20s tomorrow morning some enhancement it will be departing tomorrow police highs tomorrow mid 30s and then talk about
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sunshine . on friday, 408 makes on saturday and general snow and
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browns town hung in there guy in ushering in a new era of football, hue jackson agreed to terms of a contract he entered the facility not long ago and be introduced as the new head coach , he only won the interview device here to p.j. ziegler ascending media center awaiting. >> hue jackson expected to talk about becoming the 16 head coach
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returned in 99 . he has 15 years experience in the film, expected to bring offensive talent that he has shown with the bengals, we'll see more coming up on fox 8. >> he touched on a couple of pointss as far as his resume, 14 years as an assistant in pacific . in college ranks, 15 years in the nfl . help to develop andy dalton and also a.j. mccarron .
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,, so what to do now ? about johnny manziel ? johnny manziel was discussed with the browns brass, jackson expressed a desire to move on and that was the same kind of thinking for the search committee in berea, mike pettine was saddled with that circus and it was a constant soap opera for two years,ad jackson won't have that he can help identify a young corner back to draft this coming may, perhaps for lynch that he
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keep your eyes for the hue jackson press conference but for some whether to discuss. >> here is most lack of what we can expect. >> some pretty heavy snowfall overnight, some canadians as
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clipper snow, paired not being a big issue, on friday, about the rainfall with about 40 degrees, every snow mix over to snow shower saturday that a steep temperature drop . southwest wind between 10 and 20 , the cold air is losing grip with temperatures near 50 in kansas city and st. louis . for us, get ready for rising temperatures overnight, and then
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snow some pockets could be more moderate . just be aware and deceiving you could take extra time and traveling . if you want to pockets of snow, clipper snow tonight in god tomorrow morning, a burst in the snowbelt snowbelt between eight and 10:00 a.m. that warmfront into the region . that will allow rainfall friday before
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tomorrow with 30s and mostly cloudy skies . on sunday the cold air takes over . it will be colder monday into the teens with overnight lows in
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snow sunday and lake enhancement tuesday and wednesday in by thursday next week it'll be close to normal but still a littles in the upper 20s . we have any of a robber in action, please turn to the i-teampl need in a dig at the sky of the straits. >> peggy gallek has the story. >> the video shows a robbery suspect tackling a store clerk and putting a gun to his head demanding money. >> happened around 930 sunday night at the that the shell station garfield heights.t >> wenda lamar is stuffing his pockets a customer enters the store, who talked it was wednesday asking that we conceal
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>> my heart was pounding i was trying to be as calm as i could. >> choose whether to put her phone and wallet on the counter.o >> he said said, don't use your phone and> don't leave the store and put down on the counter where i can see it . he was screaming at the store clerk to open the save. >> when he cannot open it he was threatened and then they robber fled. >> as he ran off being dropped elements including cash. >> detectives asking for anybody with information to call the police. >> he's probably done this before and he will do this again in by his actions you can tell how violent he is . you're going to save a life if you help to
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>> used to be able to leave here car in the driveway with the keys in it but not no more. >> i want don't want to have to fear for my lifew anytime i go to the gas station for the store. >> peggy gallek fox 8 i-team. >> but that the suspect fled in a silver carfl if you have information contact crime top i crimestoppers are police. >> event called the nightcrawler for videotaping the aftermath of a car accident learned his punishment as jack shea reportsd. >> i accept responsibility for my behavior understand that i >> hurlon hill paul pelton a lorain has been the target of criticism. >> sinceub that july night he videotaped the aftermath of a
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life of a 17-year-old eda and injured the driver's. >> investigators say that he opened the car door to videotape inside the car but never offeredv aid to the victims, police said that he tried to sell the video media online, texas were outraged, he was arrested on a charge of vehicle trespass on wednesday the judge criticized him, some calling him the nightcrawler' >> i am asked to treat this like a simple trespassing case .t if somebody walked onto my guards to pick up their frisbee. >> this is well beyond that. >> the judge took note that he went to the home of the driver toto try to convince him to
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permission to videotapei inside the car's. >> in october he was arrested on charges of bribery and intimidation witness for his attempt to make a deal with the teenager,, who himself facing a charge of vehicular homicide for cause the causing the death of his passenger, said that he would testify he would do manner in which the police removed his friend from the wreckage contributed to his death. >> when someone tries tries to profit to make a video to sell that on the internett and then to try to intimidate the other juvenile detention storyt that is totally outrageous behavior. >> the judge ordered him to serve 30 days in jail and pay a fine of $250, jack shea fox 8 news. >> now know that weapons are not allowed on airplanes today that
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strange items that people try to get away with includingtr a frying pan, and even a weed wacker, god was not the strangest item that a tsa agent has seen. >> weed wacker was the weed wacker was the first time i've seen that we have had chainsawsc and one other crazes was a gas can . so to fill their car outside the destination because it was out of gas and they brought the gas can. ou tsa says the correct about 200 pounds of banned items each each month does not include all of the liquids and aerosols people have in theirnd carry-on baggage. >> and to talk about this, today the browns have a new head coach .ns
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supposed to start at 630, but t there were many little late and hopefully we'll have that coming up with the first news conference with new browns head coach hue jackson. let's take you to the news conference of their new head coach. >> we were making changes and announcing that we would search for a new head coach and who would be part of that and talk
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i want to thank sasha and also want to recognize jim hughes who did a job to help us with the process we talked to seven candidates . water ban has been named the head coach would we have the right the right guy for the browns he is smart, tough, confident,t competitive, he's been a head coach before . he's got a great offensive mind a track record of developing quarterback's . you will he will see this when you are around him he is very competitive . he understands the afc north, has been a part of it and it will be
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then he will make a few remarks about the process and an update on the personnel position search . >> amr to be here and to confuse the next head coach of the browns as we move forward to find the we knew that we needed to establish a culture to set the tone for the buildingul, to find a head coach to bring and instill confidence in the players, . to expect to win every sunday he will bring a toughness and experience in terms of bringing wedding back
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that goal so far the browns to produce hue jackson as the new head coach of the cleveland browns.. thank you . i would be remiss if i don't think the did not think the people in cincinnati, mike brown and marvin'te who is a good friend of mine . some people there the coaching staff that i worked with . because they helped me to get to where i am today and i can never ever repay them for the opportunity given . now for the people who brought me here, obviouslyth jimmy haslam and dee haslam, outstanding people not thank you enough for this opportunity i look forward to representingnort the cleveland browns to help this team to get
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>> these guys are tremendous, but is talked about analytics and everything . please trust me , i'm going to have an opportunity to work for some with some of the smartest men in footballs . i've been to a lot of different buildings for never have the opportunity into settings to sit down with two of of the brightest minds in football to do what they do .t and thank you . thank you for the time spent to give me the opportunity to find out if i had what it takes to be the next cleveland browns coach . so many different things to talk about as we continue to move forward i am so excited for the opportunity i have been in the afc north, i know the lay of the land, understandaf where we are trying
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top teams in the league, pittsburgh is still still playing and you look at how far a job here this year and we understand the browns are . there is a lot of work to do lots of things to be done, but what i am most excitedne when i think ofed jimmy haslam and the commitment that we have for this building and what we try to accomplish . i have been in two of these organizations in the ac eastern north, cincinnati and baltimore,in i can tell you firsthand there's nothing like the feeling of walking through the doors .h another is a rabid fan base, the dawg pound, i am excited i want to, when i get the opportunity, to play the way that we can . there's lots of work to do i am excited about the work needed to be done . i have rolled up my sleeves and
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of questions. >> this is one of 32 coveted oakland oakland we were chance? d n >> i never thought about it that way when you are an assistant coach in the nfl, you put your head down and work everybody has aspirations and sometimes it does not does not work out for some . good fortune not to have the opportunity to do it againgo and i'm looking forward to this opportunity. >> talk about last sunday, this would be a process of a turnaround . it could be a several year's process . i'm glad that he said that, that makes me feel a little bit better..
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him for saying that, at the same time that's not my mindset don't want to be the player's mindset, we expect to win every game that we play, there are lots of things that need to happen for thatat to come forth . will not be a football team that works walks out there and says, we give up i did not come here i came here to win games to help the team to win football games and we don't care where we play we understand the afc north who had to play outside of the division and we expect to have a good football team. >> you are working for basically . for a football guy and these guys.
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from baseball. >> so how do you deal with that, different personalities and so on? >> i think that is the beautiful park, there's all kinds of ways to make things happen there's not a one-way to do things like conversation with them, we are on point . we understand what it will take to put this roster together to give us the best opportunity to be successful . analytics is just a part of it is not the entire park part but just a piece . if you can find another way to do things good to give us the opportunity for successto than we would all do that . but what person in the room who would not, so i like to be on the cutting edge, i try to be innovative on offense and innovative in everything that we do in this building . eventually everybody will do what we are
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are sure you did not just did not jessika ellison during the interview, this idea of what's your biggest questions were to them ? >> do we have a chance to win ? that was the biggest question . date, what do you think will give us the opportunity to win games in cleveland, intimate, those questions were met with no problem . if i do not think that we have a chance, to do something special that i would not be here, no question .,om i cannot think jimmy haslam enough for this opportunity because en to success . he's had success and doing those thingshe. >> except this. >> we want to change that, she
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deserves a winner and that is what i am here to do.. >> what are your thoughts on johnny manziel and as a quarterback competition? >> this is what i would say to that, i need to get into the buildingi to have an opportunity to watch tapes, i don't know him personally, i know who he is butn' at the same time i got to give everybody on the football teami the fair opportunity to see who they are to truly learn who they are and intimate decisions. >> auclair that you are familiar with was joe thomas, old crow, he was kind of down at the end of the season, the first time he talked aboutthth did not know if he wantsot to go through another rebuilding process and did not know if they wanted him, ter be going to talk to him and what would you tell him about how he could help the team over the next couple years?
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joe thomas is one of the best left tackles in this leagues are not come he does deserve the opportunity to win . he is a tremendous football playerr he has has been one of the cornerstones of this organization and this football teamco and i can't wait to have the opportunity to give him our plan and hopefully,y, i believe in my heart that he's going to be excited about what we are trying to >> would it take to put together a competitive staff in the context of . are but you do with me ? can i go upstairs ?, there are some tremendous football coachesw t sitting by the phone waiting, call, for a call, you'd be
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messages . i do not know that my phone could go that much and most of them are coaches . but i just congratulate me, they're saying, would you help me to get to the brownsy have the opportunity to sit in front of jimmy haslam and the rest to have a chance to help you to win games and for me that is what this is about i'm going to attract some goodod and great coaches that we have to find the right fit for us, how fast the process ? but i need to get on the phone to return some text messages. >> are you going to be, the talent evaluator or whatever you call it, ahe gm tie position type position are you involved in thatty? >> i'm going to do do whatever is asked of meg now going to have a chance to meet that person to know who they are,ce this
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decisions, whether i am involved in or not what is best for the team i wantf to get people to help us to win games no matter who it is . massive you asked if i would be involved ? i will be involved in all those things, will i make those decisions ? i don't think i need to a just need to know who it is.a >> nervous to find the top personnel person, this week , we will start interviews and hope to have that concluded in earnest . tonight, we are excited about our head coach we will will set out to find that person and you will be involved certainly,wi as you he said this will be a integrated partnership is a way the way that we think about it . so he will be involved as we move forward. talk about turnaround the
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is that? >> it's hard for me to tell tell you bout to the coaches but i know that, what i can do and i feel confident that i can keep turnaround, i believe that and expect to get that done. >> it is a process, it's a lot of work>> and there's no question, just to see how that goes let's talk about this a month or four months from now and see where we are .. >> the survey should came out that you took about a year to talk to some successful organizations, baseball teams, why did you do that and what did you learn about your organization talking to them as far as turning it around like we say there is a learning curve
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talked two lots of former nfl people who had retired . many who are familiar with . the healthy as well to tell you how they do things because it is competitive so we talked to baseball and basketball teams and the current k theme from every single one of them was you have to get people in alignment . did not do that the first couple timesid i think you're going to be surprised how well aligned with your . these coaching searches are intense because you cover a lot of ground to spend a lot of time together but it worked out great because web poll joined us , give us a chance to you start early and hugo lake either on a plane working long hours . just to know him, we spent time together i feel really good as steve said we have some really smart people in the building
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andho that is the main take away from all of those organizations . it's not so much important how you are structured that is not the most important the most is to ensure that people are aligned and work together that's what i took from those organizations. was a minimal amount of time to show you? >> i'm confident that they're going to do a good job.. >> what happened from yesterday to today to result in you being not go to new york interview with the ot giants. >> we had a great interview with him sunday, you talk about a tough session, he had an interview with another team sunday and we spent sunday
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about things we did monday to regroup and to process brewer and that it was important for him and us to touch base with more timeas . we went down their yesterday morning, spent the time together, we agreed that he was her man and made the offer today.. >> why did you not go to new york's claim thatat because of the hassle, jimmy haslam and slushy and pull, you have to know that you got the proper support a. >> that jesse jackson the brand-new coach of thepp cleveland browns . the story story of lebron james house been for sale will come up
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